What is my phone’s Direct Number?

A direct phone number is a 9 digit (###-###-####) phone number associated with your phone extension.

Every phone extension in the company has a direct phone number (also known as a “Direct Inward Dialing” number, or DID).  However, for most users this number is an internal fake phone number that will only work within the company phone system.  Others, typically in the Admissions Advisors and other select roles, will have a functional phone number local to the office they are located in.

If you need to know what this DID number is for your extension you can find it by logging into your MyPhone portal:

  • Go to https://myphone.yorkvilleu.ca/
  • Log in with your email address, and your phone extension password
    • This is not your email/O365 password, it is a separate account
    • If you do not know this password please contact your IT staff for assistance
  • Click on the Service Settings tab at the top
  • Locate your 9 digit phone number in the VoIP Numbers box
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