Using OneDrive for Yorkville University

If you need to share large files, or submit large files for an assignment, the best way to do so, is to use your OneDrive.

1. Upload your file to OneDrive

In the Microsoft box on, click My OneDrive.

Click + New and select Folder to create a folder for your current course.

OneDrive Folder

Type a name for the new folder and click Create.

Open the newly created folder and click Upload.

Browse to locate the file you want to upload and click Open.

When the file has uploaded, it will appear in the file list.

2. Share a OneDrive file

Hover your mouse over the filename and new icons will appear.

Click the share icon, indicated below:

Make sure that the first block says, “People in Yorkville Education Company with the link can view.” If you are sharing the file for group work, click that icon and you’ll be able to allow people with the link to edit as well.

Click Copy Link to get the link you’ll need to share.

You’ll receive confirmation that the link has been copied to your clipboard.

You can now paste that link into a text document, email message, or forum post.