Strategies for Success in the Library

Ask Plenty of Questions:

Many individuals will believe that they are disturbing me by asking questions.  That could not be further from the truth.  The more questions you ask the better.  Although it is important to learn skills to become an independent researcher and an independent thinker, it is also important to ask plenty of questions, especially given some of the very tight deadlines for projects in our program.  We can connect via email, telephone, Skype (video or chat).  You will find the library orientation to be useful in gaining the basics, so be sure to review that presentation which is located on the homepage of your syllabus.

Know the Database Limitations:

Although Yorkville University provides the foundational databases for success in the program, it does not mean that we will have research on ‘every’ topic that you may feel is important, or interesting.  Even though you need to be exhaustive in your search process, you need to acknowledge that our databases ‘may’ not have what you want for research.  That is where identifying resources close to your location is additionally beneficial, such as local public and academic libraries. See the following presentation:

Information Strategies for Finding Full Text

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