Smarthinking – Math and Writing Tutoring

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Smarthinking is a 24/7 online tutoring service available to all students providing additional math, business, writing support including ESL writing and MS Office when you need it. For example, you can submit a writing sample to be reviewed by their tutors, or you can submit a math question for review.

Keep in mind that your instructor is always available to give extra support.  If you want tutoring now, Smarthinking is available.

How it Works

To view an information page of the services available through Smartthinking go to the “How it Works” site. At the bottom of the “How it Works site is a great video demonstration.

Important notes:Prior to seeking tutoring support, we suggest reviewing the following key points:

  1. Smarthinking tutors will not do your work for you; however, they will help you work through a problem.
  2. All students will begin with 3 hours of tutoring time, but this can be extended by the Librarian if requested.
  3. The primary way to access a tutor in quickly is via the “Drop In” option on their portal.
  4. Ensure that you’ve contacted your instructor first about your question, as your instructor is the best first source of professional knowledge and learning.
  5. If you decide to use Smarthinking, review both the video tutorial and the ‘How it Works’ page to ensure you know how to effectively use their services.
  6. If you have a technical challenge using Smarthinking, you can request support from AskYU in the top right screen of any page on Campus.  All other types of Smarthinking questions can be addressed to the University Librarian: [email protected].

A few notes on Smarthinking:

  1. Tutors will review your writing, up to a rough maximum of 6-8 pages. If your essay is longer, tutors will indicate where they stopped their review.
  2. Tutors can review math and stat’s questions with students. Some stats questions may be considered ‘advanced’ and require an appointment with a specialist. (For example, regression.)
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