What is self-care? It is taking care of you, in the way that you like best. This means doing things to help you relax, rejuvenate and uplift your energy and mood.  For example:

  • Take a walk
  • Exercise
  • Take a bath/shower
  • Watch your favourite movie
  • Have a nap
  • Read a book that you enjoy
  • Talk to friends or family

Exercise & Diet

Exercise is extremely important for our health and wellness. It is not just about how it benefits our physical body, but how it benefits our brain and our emotional well-being. The simple act of taking a walk can increase dopamine, clear our mind, and increase brain function to help us manage the stressful tasks life throws at us. When you are feeling stressed, frustrated, tired, or anxious, take a few minutes for yourself and exercise.

You do not even need expensive equipment or gym membership. Here are some suggestions:

  • Walking is free, try to pick a route that’s low noise so you can relax.
  • Bodyweight exercises require no equipment. There are apps for your phone that can help you get started, like Sworkit. (Android)(Apple).

Maintaining a balanced diet and drinking when thirsty will help you feel good and think clearer. To be successful, we need to nourish our bodies with the proper amount of nutrients and water. Ask yourself, have I eaten enough today? When was the last time I drank a glass of water? You will be surprised how much better you feel and think when you eat healthily. See Canada’s Food Guide for more advice.

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