Referencing Guide: Websites

In the text, references to electronic resources are the same as for print references. You must include (Author, date). Since many electronic references have no page numbers or dates, you can enter (n.d.) for no date or (n.p.) for no page.

In the Reference List, instead of the city of publication and publisher information, you enter Retrieved on (date) from (enter url). Do not put any punctuation after the url but do use the [Enter] key. The easiest way to ensure that the url is accurate is to copy the url from the address line at the top of the page and copy it into your reference list. Always test the url before you submit the assignment.

For example:

MacKeracher, D. & Tuijman, A.J. (1996) Lifespan learning: Implications for educators. In A.J. Tuijman (Ed.), International Encyclopaedia of Adult Education and Training (2nd edition) (pp. 764-771). Retrieved April 10, 2012, from:, after reading this section, you are still unsure about referencing:

  • Look at how your course books use references
  • Ask your instructor for advice
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