Interacting with Your Instructors

At Yorkville University, small class sizes and interactive discussion forums facilitate meaningful connections with each of your instructors. The following tips are intended to help you maximize those connections.

  1. Use your profile narrative, photo, and introductory post to share a little bit about yourself, to help your instructor and peers form a unique picture of who you are.
  2. Post throughout the week, offering insights, extending the conversation, and asking questions. Regurgitating course readings does not build relationships. However, sharing your experiences and asking instructors to share their professional expertise brings depth to every discussion and will help instructors to remember you – this will be especially important when you need an academic letter of reference in the future.
  3. Attend “office hours.” Many instructors schedule OmniJoin office hours periodically throughout the course. Take advantage of these opportunities to meet in “real time” and see and hear your instructor; if office hours are not officially scheduled, consider requesting a meeting or phone call. Synchronous sessions are great for asking questions, exploring your instructor’s area of specialization, getting feedback on your preliminary ideas for an upcoming assignment, or requesting additional resources.
  4. Follow-up on assignment feedback. Instructors spend a significant amount of time marking assignments, and they appreciate knowing that their feedback has helped. If any assignment feedback is confusing or if you would like tips for improving your grade on your next assignment, reach out to your instructor with specific questions (and, then, integrate that feedback into your next submission).

Of course, the foundation of all good relationships is mutual respect. Occasionally you may be disappointed with a grade, be confused about an assignment, or disagree with an instructor’s point of view. With respect, such challenges can be overcome and your relationship will be stronger as a result.

To get in contact with your instructor, see your course page in Moodle.

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