Interacting with Classmates

Your peers can provide useful insight into assignments and papers – especially since they’re working on the same thing as you! They can provide you with a different perspective on your work: the more people who read your paper, the more thorough the review. Reach out to classmates on the discussion board. See if anyone has a similar time zone/schedule and is interested in working on assignments together. Even just posting your thoughts, questions or concerns in the discussion forum is a great way to communicate with your classmates.

Here are a few additional tips:

  1. Link Professional Accounts: When initially creating your student profile on campus, be sure to link to your professional accounts (this could include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your professional email, etc.).
  2. Keep an Up-to-Date Selfie: Be sure that your photo is current and clear. It is always great to put a face to a name.
  3. Connect With Locals: Reach out to others on the Discussion Boards. Let them know which city you live in, and offer to connect with other local students in public spaces that are safe and secure. (In other words, don’t give away your home address to strangers and don’t meet people you don’t know in private places!)
  4. Give a Warm Introduction: Introduce yourself in each course you take, and be sure to link your professional accounts in the introduction. You may also wish to post a picture to accompany your introduction.
  5. Use the Student Lounge: there is a student lounge on your Faculty’s Home Page, and in each course. Use this space to start a conversation and connect with your peers.
  6. Participate in Class Discussion: many students report that when they are overwhelmed, they skip participating in Discussion Questions with their class. Continue to discuss your learning with peers: this makes you appear engaged and connected, and appealing to other students.
  7. It Takes Two: keep a personal and professional social media account. Always link to professional pages, rather than personal.
  8. Send Your Resume: Keep and updated resume available on professional accounts.
  9. Network: You may never be surrounded by so many people with similar interests again. Use your time at YU to network with other students with similar goals, and build a positive reputation with instructors (after all, you never know when you may need a reference).
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