I need to appear as if I am calling from another campus/Province, how can I do this?

Using a Different Outbound Caller ID (CLID)

Did you know you can make calls from our phone system that appear to come from a location other than where your extension is based in?

For example, if you are an employee whose office is based in New Brunswick, all of your calls appear to come from the 506 area code.  What if you need to call someone in British Columbia, and want to appear as if you were calling from BC directly?


To change the phone number that will appear to the person you are calling, just dial the recipients phone number with a 7, 8 or 9 in front of it:

  • Ontario – Prefix #7 – 905-669-0544
  • New Brunswick – Prefix #8 – 506-454-1220
  • British Columbia – Prefix #9 – 778-329-0562

For example, to call a person at 555-123-4567 as if you were calling from Vancouver, dial their number as 9-555-123-4567.

Using these dialing prefixes only change the outbound caller ID for that phone call, the next call you make will go back to your default (unless you use one of the above prefixes again).