How do I access my voicemail?

Accessing Voicemail

You can access your voicemail to review and manage messages, set up your greeting or change your PIN # using any one of the three methods below:

From your desk phone or software phone

When you see a message/envelope icon on your screen that indicates you have a voicemail waiting.  Press the message/envelope button on your phone (to the left of the number keys) then use the soft-keys below the screen to select the Message Center and then Connect.  Once you are in the voicemail system follow the prompts to change your PIN and greetings as needed.

From any other telephone

You can access your voicemail at any time by dialing into any of the three voicemail access numbers (below), which will take you straight into the voicemail system.  Each of these numbers go to the same place, so just pick the one that is local to you.

Toronto Area:                    905-418-0675
British Columbia:              604-343-1686
New Brunswick:                506-300-0228

Once the voicemail system answers, press the # key followed by your 9 digit phone number (DID) and temporary PIN #.

From the web, email, SMS/Text or via another phone number

You can change your PIN, set up your greetings, set up how emails are sent to you via email, SMS/Text or another phone, and also access your voicemail as a recorded audio file.

Voicemail Portal:
To log in to the portal you must enter your 9 digit phone number (DID) and PIN #.

To change your voicemail PIN #:

  • Click on the My Account link in the upper right side
  • Click the Security menu item in the red menu
  • Enter your current PIN #, then enter your new 4 digit pin in the two PIN fields
  • Click the Update button

To enable/change email notification when new messages are left:

  • Click on the Options menu
  • Click the Notifications menu item in the red menu
  • Check off the type of notification(s) you would like to enable (Email, SMS/Text and/or Phone) and fill in the email or phone numbers you want to use
  • Click the Update button

Not sure what your 9 digit phone number (DID) is?  Please refer to this article to find it: