Fighting Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens to all of us and it usually happens when we are on a tight deadline. There is nothing worse than having a paper due and all of a sudden being stuck. Here are some tips that can help you combat writer’s block:

  1. Step Away – Leave your computer and do something else. Some like to zone out in front of the TV for 20 minutes, others like to do something active (e.g., walking, biking), and others like to mediate or listen to music.
  2. The University of Illinois wrote an article about writer’s block and they recommend doing some free writing. Start graphing, or just writing words down that have to do with the topic. Other people like to draw out a flow chart. This is creative and visual and may help jump start your ideas.
  3. Sometimes it helps when you write your paper out of order. You may be stuck on your introduction, but you have great ideas for your first argument. Start there and work backwards.
  4. Sometimes you know what you want to say but you can’t find the perfect words. The University of Illinois suggests just to write “What I really mean is….” And then edit the phrasing later. Sometimes writing it out as simply as possible is the best way to get it onto the paper.

For more tips and tricks and things you should NOT do when you have writers block, click on the link below:

Happy Writing!

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