Evaluating Internet Information

Is this information bad or good? Is it true or did someone just make this up?

The more sources you use, the more important it is for you to evaluate the information. Although you will have been given a comprehensive list of reading materials, you will still probably come across books and articles that have not been included, but that look useful. There are certain techniques that you need to be aware of which will enable you to decide if the material is appropriate or not.

Some basic questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it the latest edition?
  • When was it published?
  • Has my professor/instructor mentioned the author or title in sessions on the Moodle learning environment?
  • Does the title give me a clue as to what the book/article is about?
  • Is it an introduction or guide to the topic?

Determining the quality of information is a learned skill. Try reviewing the following page; it guides you through the steps to figuring out the value of the material you’re reading. Use these criteria the next time you’re thinking about citing a source on the Internet.

Virgina Tech: Evaluating Internet Information

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