During Exam Advice

Once the exam is underway, it is important not to panic and launch yourself straight into it without spending some time looking carefully at the questions and any instructions included.

  • Read the question paper through carefully, underlining key words and instructions


  • Trust the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your revision. Avoid getting into conversations with other learners immediately before the exam as this may add to nervousness or uncertainty
  • Make sure that you allow enough time to answer all the required questions. Doing a great job on two questions when three or four are required is not going to lead to a good result
  • Leave around five minutes at the end of each essay question answered to ensure that you have covered the points outlined in your brief plan. Make any necessary corrections or adjustments
  • If required, ensure that you make appropriate references in your text

The most important thing about exam preparation is to start it well before the actual exams. Get your revision plan drawn up and practice self-discipline in carrying it out. There is nothing more stressful or less effective than leaving it all to the last minute and frantically ‘cramming’ late at night.

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