Data Storage and Backup

During your program, most of your schoolwork and writing will be in the digital format. You wouldn’t want to lose that hard work, so here are some strategies for maintain the integrity of your files.


Clutter makes it difficult to work quickly and efficiently. Spending a bit of time organizing your files can save a lot in the long run. Here are a few tips:

  • Delete all unnecessary icons, files and folders from your PC desktop (wave your mouse over each icon. Ask yourself: do I know what this is? Do I need it?)
  • Delete all unnecessary folders and files from your ‘Libraries’ folder.
  • If it is needed by somebody else then give it to them.

Organize your files. Do whatever works for you, but here’s one method:

  • Create a folder for each of your classes you’re currently taking.
  • Create a folder for courses you’ve already completed.
  • Create a folder named ‘Personal’ for other materials.

Simply save all files related to a class in its folder.  When a course is completed, move the folder into your ‘completed classes’ folder to declutter.

Make sure to give your files clear names:

GoodNot Good
1303_Assignment 1untitled
DQ Post 3 – 1303asdf
Business Analysis Essay Draft 1assignment
PSYC1303 – Assignment 1new project

In a years’ time, without having a file in the correct folder and with a sensible name, you’ll have no idea where to find that great essay you wrote.


Having backups of your information is important. Nothing’s worse than technical failure just as you’re finishing that big assignment. Here are some key tips:

  • System Restore for Windows – Set this up so your system regularly makes restore points – if any problems occur you can just roll back to a previous date!
  • Cloud Storage – Store files non-locally by placing them in cloud storage. Many companies offer this service; a few examples can be found in our technical advice article. (Link to 004- choosing your technology)
  • External Hard drives – Can be found at most locations they sell computer accessories, it’s a hard drive that is portable and can be used as a second physical backup if you want to keep tight control over your files.
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