Course Development Guide

The following is a quick guide for Course Developers to understand options for Library resource selection. Select here

Additional Key Points

  1. Remember when creating an assignment, you must test if your assignment can be answered using our library collection (or available online resources if relevant). If you require additional resources, such as ebooks, journals, etc. please contact the library for further evaluation.
  2. Please be specific when creating an assignment. If students are permitted to use relevant resources other than just peer-review journal articles, then include that in the assignment instructions (e.g., you are free to incorporate statistics, news items, etc. in addition to your peer review analysis).
  3. If you want to integrate Information Literacy strategies into your assignment, feel free to contact our Academic Support Librarian for support, Nell Beaudry [email protected]
    • This includes requests for specialized tutorials, such as a video helping students to navigate Statistics Canada mental health information.

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